15 Affordable, Unique, & Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Under $500 — The Honest Consumer (2024)

So you want to take that next step in your relationship by getting engaged, but you’d also like for the ring to be eco-friendly and affordable?

Sustainable engagement rings can actually even be more budget friendly than traditional engagement rings when we look at options such as lab grown diamonds and buying secondhand rings.

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This guide will feature ten eco-friendly engagement ring options under $500. Let’s start with a quick overview of what to look for when looking for budget friendly rings and dive into our list of recommended rings under $500!

This article does contain some affiliate links which means The Honest Consumer may receive a commission if you decide to purchase from one of these engagement ring companies.

How Can an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring Be Affordable ?

There are a few different characteristics to consider when shopping for an affordable and sustainable engagement ring.

Consider buying a used ring

There are some incredible secondhand and vintage engagement rings out there. Purchasing secondhand engagement rings cuts down on your rings carbon footprint since new materials and additional labor were not needed due to the ring already being part of the circular economy.

Shop lab grown diamond rings

Instead of your diamond coming from a mined area of the Earth, scientists are able to mimic the Earth’s environment using carbon, high heat, and high pressures. Lab grown diamonds then go through the same grading process as a minded diamond grading cut, clarity, color, and carat.

15 Affordable, Unique, & Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Under $500 — The Honest Consumer (2)

Since lab grown diamonds are man made they are often times more affordable and they use less resources.

I promise you can’t tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds…I looked at both and ended up getting a lab grown ring because I felt it was more ethical.

Check out our lab grown diamond jewelry guide for more in-depth info!

Create your own ring from jewelry you already own

If you have family heirlooms that are passed down this is a great sustainable option that can sometimes be free. If you’re not sold on the look of the jewelry being you can even take jewelry that is already meaningful and have a new ring created from it. Depending on the direction you go with this, this option could be more or less affordable.

Consider engagement ring companies that use recycled metals

Recycled materials are better for the planet and sometimes our wallets.

When purchasing your engagement ring be sure to consider all the resources that went into creating it, the hands it touched, consider if the people through out the supply chain were paid and treated fairly?

15 Affordable, Unique, & Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Under $500 — The Honest Consumer (3)

You would think that if you’re paying so much for an engagement ring the answer would be yes, but sadly there is a lot of slavery within the diamond mining industry.

That’s why it’s important to not only research within your budget, but also research engagement ring brands.

Where to Shop for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500?

One of the biggest worries people have when picking out diamond rings is the price point.

Most people want to have a high-quality engagement ring, but at an affordable price. This can seem to be an impossible task sometimes. There are some places that offer options for you to find an affordable engagement ring foryour soon-to-be fiancé.

Let's explore some eco-friendly engagement rings brands and highlight specific inexpensive engagement rings under $500.

15 Affordable, Unique, & Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Under $500 — The Honest Consumer (4)

Brilliant Earth’s Beyond Conflict Free Diamond Rings

Brilliant Earth is an ethically sourced fine jewelry brand focusing on Beyond Conflict Free TM diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth offers ethical natural mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, and recycled diamonds.

On top of socially responsible diamonds, Brilliant Earth also uses recycled metals. Currently Brilliant Earth’s gold fine jewelry is made of 93% recycled gold and their silver fine jewelry is made of 99.8% recycled silver and they are working to increase these numbers.

Brilliant Earth is also Carbonfree and uses FSC certified packaging.

While Brilliant Earth typically has more rings in the $550-$1000 range, they do have a couple options under $500.

  • Hidden Lotus Diamond Ring: If you’re looking for something more subtle this classic ring has a hidden diamond. At $450 this ring’s hidden diamonds set in a lotus shape along the inner edge of the band while a rounded edge increases comfort.

I’m a big fan of Brilliant Earth’s lab grown diamond jewelry and own a few pieces from this brand! Check out my Brilliant Earth review!

Bario Neal’s Mini Diamond Ring Under $400

Bario Neal is a women-owned business that is known as an industry leader in ethical sourcing and progressive manufacturing. The company was created in 2008 by Anna Bario and Page Neal. They started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have also expanded to having a showroom in Brooklyn.

Sustainable shoppers can feel confident that you are shopping ethically-responsible when you choose this company. They create all their jewelry in-house using reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones.

  • Lash Mini Diamond Ring: This beautiful ring starts at $380. With the option to pick the metal, jewelry box, and even add customization, you can truly make the ring your own. The diamond is in a prong setting.

Clean Origin Affordable Lab Grown Diamond Rings Under $400

Clean Origin offers ethical engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond accessories featuring their beautiful lab grown diamonds. Since 2017 Clean Origin has been focusing on made to order rings.

Due to their focus on made to order, there is no over producing and less waste. Clean Origin is constantly growing and looking for ways to make their lab grown process more eco-friendly.

This family owned company began focusing on lab grown diamond jewelry when Clean Origin founder, Alexander Weindling, decided he wanted to work in a jewelry industry he felt confident about. After learning about the positive impact of lab grown diamonds he shifted his career to focus on socially responsible diamonds.

  • Tina Bezel Three Stone Ring: This ring is set with one large diamond and two smaller side stones. You can purchase this ring in either yellow gold,rose gold, or white gold band. If you have a smaller engagement ring budget you’ll love that the price is set at $370.

  • Emery Ring: This wedding band is more on the unique side, but also sleek and simple. It’s something that modern brides would gravitate towards as it features an asymmetric band style. It’s another great choice for anyone that is looking for a price range under $500. You can buy this beautiful ring for $400.

  • Tinsley Ring: If you are looking for a big rock, but you are on a tight budget, this ring is for you. This beautiful cushion cut diamond ring can be yours for $430.

I’ve also reviewed a Clean Origin engagement ring, if you’re looking for further details on the brand!

Catbird’s affordable engagement rings that give back

Since 2004 Catbird, a woman-owned brick-and-mortar located in New York, has been making ethically-sourced jewelry. What began as selling a little of everything narrowed down to selling only jewelry in 2006.

Their Brooklyn studio works with over 95% recycled 14k gold & diamonds. The passion they have for a better world doesn’t just stop there.

In 2014 the company started The Catbird Giving Fund. This initiative has worked with, and donated to, organizations that support causes like women's rights, social & racial justice, food & housing security, LGBTQIA+ rights, and more.

Some of these organizations are She’s the First, Food Bank for New York City, Doctors Without Borders, and more.

Catbird offers a range of unique engagement rings in the under $500 budget range.

  • Diamond Fizz Ring, Sparkler: This dainty, and beautiful, diamond ring is set in a 100% recycled solid 14k yellow gold band. The main event of the ring is the 3mm round brilliant recycled white diamond. You can purchase it at $294.

  • Diamond Barnes Ring: For $388 this gorgeous ring, designed by Laura Powers, can be yours. The 2mm recycled white brilliant diamond is set in the 14k gold band of your choice. You have the option of gold, rose gold, or white gold for this ring.

  • Secret Garden Ring: Your love story is unique and the engagement ring should reflect that. With this ring you can do that by choosing what flower(s) to build on the ring. The ring is created by Laurie Fleming in her Toronto studio.

  • Beacen Ring, Mother Of Pearl: This is another beautiful ring created by Laurie Fleming. It’s $358 and features hand-faceted rose cut white mother of pearl stones. You can choose between gold, rose gold, and white gold when it comes to the band. One of the unique features of this ring is that the band has a curved setting.

  • Jasmine Ring, Mother Of Pearl: If you liked the pearls in the last ring, but want a more traditional band, this may be your ring. Featuring a row of six mother of pearl stones, this ring can be bought for $415. The band is made of solid 14k gold that can also be rose gold or white gold as well.

  • Spring Fairy Ring, Diamond: The glistening, recycled, brilliant round white diamonds come together perfectly to create this ring in the Brooklyn studio. The band is made of 100% recycled solid 14k gold. You can choose between yellow gold and white gold. At $498 this is one of the more pricier rings featured in this post. That may be something to consider while making your decision.

  • Semi Pave Ring, White Diamond: In the last ring from Catbird, I’m showing you a beautiful creation by Jennie Kwon. She handcrafted this ring in Los Angeles. It features six white diamonds set in a solid 14k yellow gold band. You can also choose rose gold and white gold if that is more your style.

Blue Nile's Affordable Options featuring Lab Grown & Responsibly Mined Diamonds

For the last company that offers high quality rings, at great prices, we are taking a look at Blue Nile. This company was founded in 1999, and made some big moves revolutionizing the jewelry industry.

They take pride in putting the customer’s needs first by helping them make an educated choice, and the best option for them. This conflict free diamond company features both responsibly mined and lab grown diamonds.

Blue Nile offers an exclusive assortment of lab-grown diamond jewelry from Lightbox. Lightbox creates their beautiful colored stones by adding a gas mix to the CVD reactor and combining this with treatments that are incorporated at the end of the synthesis process.

The result is stones rich with color, which would be extremely rare and expensive in natural diamonds. Their lab grown diamond jewelry features unique colors such as pinks and blues.

  • Classic Simple Solitaire: The last ring on the list is actually a ring with the setting price at $420. As the name suggests, this is on the simpler side of engagement rings, but still a great choice.

Etsy's Affordable Engagement Rings

Etsy is a great place to find secondhand, vintage, and recycled engagement rings. Secondhand rings are a great eco-conscious option because they value products that already exist and do not use resources creating something new.

Ethical shoppers can discover some truly unique rings with vintage designs and one of a kind elements. There were too many amazing and unique ring options under $500! You'll have to see for yourself!

Now that you’ve seen a few different choices you should be well on your way to choosing the perfect ring. Congratulations on taking this step with the love of your life, and good luck with your proposal!

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15 Affordable, Unique, & Eco-friendly Engagement Rings Under $500 — The Honest Consumer (2024)


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