15 Creative Ways To Ask "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" - Coast Wedding (2024)

Being someone’s bridesmaid is a big responsibility. They are not only there to help with technical stuff but also to be emotional support for the bride.

This beautiful but also stressful day can be very hard for certain brides, and that is why they need all the help they can get.

Bridesmaids are usually close friends of the bride, or her cousins. They are a special group of people every bride picks, to show them her love and respect she feels.

This choice puts bridesmaids in the center of attention and separates them from regular friends. They are the best of the best and this is why they have important roles during the wedding.

When choosing your bridesmaids you don’t have to formal and just ask the question, you can get creative and surprise your friend with special invite.

This of course depends on your creativity and your desire to make this moment special, but of course there is nothing wrong with simply asking the question. We will try to give you few examples of how you can ask your future bridesmaid this very important question.

15 Creative Ways To Ask "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" - Coast Wedding (1)
  1. Surprise your friend with a jigsaw puzzle. Get your jigsaw puzzle with printed out “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and watch your friend solve it wait for her to call after she sees the question. You can also download patterns from the internet or simply cut out your own design. Simply write the question on a piece of cardboard paper and then cut out the pieces. This is a very fun and interesting way to ask your friend to be special part of your big day.
  2. You can even put this question on a bottle or glass and wrap it in paper. Maybe you have a favorite drink that you like to share together, and this is how you can bring that personal touch to this proposal.
  3. If you are really into sentimental proposals, then you can make a special box full of old memories and photos you and your friend shared. You can ask the question on a separate piece of paper. This way you will not only make this moment more important, but also you will wake up old memories and emotions that connects you and your special friend.
  4. Jewelry box with the first letter of your friend’s name and a small gift that she can wear during the wedding is another great idea. Your friend will appreciate this gesture and feel she will feel very honored you have given her something that she can keep as a reminder of that beautiful day full of emotions.
  5. Cards don’t have to boring and simple. You can try to come up with something funny or simply speak from the heart and write something full of emotions and show your friend why you want her to be there for you on that big day. You can even remember a fun adventure you both went through. That will give a nice personal touch to the card and you won’t end up with a boring card proposal.
  6. If you want your future bridesmaids to use their brain a little before finding out the question, try making a crossword puzzle with the final solution “Will you be my bridesmaid?”. Try to come up with questions that are fun, personal and emotionally speak about your relationship. She will end up with teary eyes and a big smile in the end, as well as a reminder of this proposal she can always look back to.
  7. Brides can also “Pop the question” and ask their bridesmaids to be there for her on her big day. Put a balloon inside the box, and tie a ribbon to the end. On the other end of ribbon tie a small card with the proposal, and watch your bridesmaid’s reaction when she opens the box. Just be careful and don’t let the balloon get away.
  8. If you like to give your bridesmaids the time of their life and ask them the question at the same time, then treat them with a special planned spa day or some other activity you all enjoy. When you feel the moment is right (although they might get the idea by then), ask them to be your bridesmaids. This will both be a beautiful memory of the times you spent together before you tied the knot and an interesting way to propose the question.
  9. Brunch, dinner or even breakfast will do. Take your special friends out and ask them to be there for you on your big day. Take pictures, enjoy your meals and spent another great day together until you dive into the marriage sea.
  10. If your friends enjoy books then treat them with a romance novel and put a note inside with the question. If you like your proposal to be even more creative, then write a special memo in the beginning of the book or in the end. You can also find a book that is dear to all of you or that is close to you for a certain reason only you know.
  11. Another creative way to pop the question is by making a special box inside which you can put ingredients of friendship. On the box write the word recipes, and watch your friends how they are trying to find out what’s it all about. Somewhere inside make sure to write the question if she wants to be your bridesmaid.
  12. If your friends like make up, then make sure to leave them a gift they will surely use or keep as a memory of this great day. You can do this by making a special make up bag with their initials on them or some other phrase that is close to all of you. You can then put few make up gifts inside and surprise your friends with more gifts.
  13. Hangers? Why not. It’s a fun and interesting way to ask your bridesmaids to hang out with you on your special day. You can even get them custom made with their initial on the hanger. They will then have something that will remind them of this beautiful day and the funny way you have asked them to be there for you.
  14. If your friends and you like to get pampered (what women doesn’t), then take them out for manicure or pedicure. This way you can talk about all the regular stuff and then in the middle of nowhere ask them to be your bridesmaids. They will probably already suspect what it is all about but try to surprise them anyway. Moments like this are the ones that are important in life, and at the same time this is a great way to show them you care and you want them to feel good and appreciated.
  15. And last, give your bridesmaids something that they will keep forever. Give them a beautiful piece of jewelry (it doesn’t have to be expensive) with something special engraved on them. It can be the date of the wedding or names of all of the bridesmaids. You can write a simple love you or other kind words they will cherish for the rest of their life. They can wear these gifts on your wedding day as a sign of gratitude.

There are many ways to surprise your girlfriends with this important question. Picking your bridesmaids is something every bride does carefully.

Bridesmaids represent friendship and solidarity and every bride needs to choose them wisely. They should be her emotional support, her shoulder to cry on and help throughout the whole wedding.

They need to animate all of the guests and make sure everybody has a great time. They are bride’s hostess and they are there to guide everyone to their seats and to their things.

But most of all they are there as friends and family, gathered to celebrate on of the most important days of their friend’s life.

I hope we were able to show you few creative ways you can ask your gals to be there for you on this big day. You can use them as a base for some other creative idea. A personal touch is something that makes every gift more special than it already is, so a little effort goes a long way.

Make sure you make every moment of this big day special, so that you can all remember it for a long time.

15 Creative Ways To Ask "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" - Coast Wedding (2024)


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