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Get ready to dominate through the challenges of Post Balancing changes Meta at TH16 with our all-new TH16 Anti New Meta Pack! These limited edition packs are exclusively available only to those punctual buyers, so be on time and elevate your Clash experience!

Hey Clashers,

Exciting news is on the horizon! As the highly anticipated New changes for the TH16 Balancing changes are here, our organization, a global leader in Clash of Clans strategy, is thrilled to present the TH16Limited EditionAnti New Meta Packs – your ticket to staying ahead in the game.

Introducing TH16 Anti New Meta Pack

Gear up for the TH16 revolution with our exclusive Anti-New Meta Pack. These specially curated packs are designed to give you the edge in the upcoming meta, ensuring you're prepared to face the challenges that Post Balancing changes at Town Hall 16 Meta brings to the battlefield.

Dominate Like a Pro

When it comes to the New TH16 update, preparation is key. With our Anti New Meta Pack, you can dominate like a pro, dominating the competition and leaving your adversaries in the dust. Each pack is a carefully crafted collection of bases that will not only defend your village but also showcase the power of TH16 in all its glory.

Important Info about the TH16 Anti New Meta Pack

Embrace the future of Clash of Clans with our TH16 Anti New Meta Pack. This pack contains 4 TH16 Base Layouts, specially designed to adapt to the evolving meta. Our team of experts has scrutinized and optimized every aspect of these bases, ensuring they are primed for top-level competitive play.

Insights into TH16 Base Layouts

Discover the secrets behind our TH16 bases. Our team of skilled builders has tirelessly worked on to build these layouts, refining them to perfection. The insights provided by the builders themselves will guide you in making strategic decisions, enhancing the longevity of your bases in the ever-changing Clash of Clans landscape.

TH16 Anti New Meta Pack Base Info

Precision-designed to counter meta strategies and built with an awareness of expected CWL/War approaches! Developed by agroup of builders from our Adaptive Builder Squad.

1️⃣┋NINJ -Anti Air - War/CWL-Box style heavy core based with segmented core

2️⃣┋TRYHARD - Anti Fireball - War/CWL -Anti 2 style light core based with damage based flanks

3️⃣┋SAWAN - Anti Root Riders - War/CWL -Anti 2.5 style heavy core based with channeled flanks

4️⃣ ┋PEKKACHU - AntiSuper Archer Blimps - War/CWL -Anti 2 style large core based with double poison towers

Remember, Time's Ticking!
Seize Your Limited Edition Before It Slips Away!

➡️ OrderTH16 Anti-New Meta Base Packs


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TH16 Anti New Meta Base Packs ⭐ Limited Edition
      – Blueprint CoC (2024)


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